Tuffy and I been friends for ever. We met in school playing basketball. Ronnie is like my son to me, we have practice and played side by side since we were young. I have taught him everything he knows. Our passion for the game is pretty equal. His game is tight with 189 assist, he scored a career high thirty points in 12 of 17 shoots, last season. He is excellent at the game and a great friend. Currently he is a junior at Texas Christian University. Practice, practice, practice, but the love for the game seems to be what is taking Tuffy to greater heights.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

     Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Looking at pictures I realize where I've been and how far I've came. I gather different photos and on a blank poster. Using the different colors I organize the picture to make a specific design, or a simple collaboration of my thoughts. Psychologist say millennial's do not have any organization skills. For example, the story line in recent music videos constantly jumps around. In one portion of the video you see an extreme environment and the next the scene is calm. Collages are similar in that they are completly different pictures taken at different times with the colors (storyline) organizing the big picture.  Collage, like life have limitless possibilities.